Friday, August 30, 2013

{Fit Friday}

With summer coming to an end I can definitely feel myself gradually getting lazier in the gym & in the kitchen. BIG mistake. After a summer full of running, bleachers, Crossfit and eating clean I have lost the 10lbs I gained when I got pregnant last year (ended in a miscarriage at 3 months) and I REFUSE to gain it back. Kyle and I are going to Hawaii in the beginning of October so I only have about a month, serious results can happen in that time though! My next goal is to lose another 10lbs and get down to 25% body fat. Today, I just needed a little motivation, here are a couple of favorites I found while browsing Pinterest...
I would say my biggest downfalls are not drinking enough water and not eating enough daily calories so these clips definitely jumped out at me. And I don't want to only lose weight...I want to be fit and healthy, NOT stick skinny. I just have to remember it's all mental and my only competition is myself....and I really want to win! Here's to a FIT FALL! xo Kelsey

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