Monday, July 29, 2013


2,858. That is the number of posts I have on my Instagram, I guess you could say I like to take photos...of everything...all the time. I take photos of my life, my husband, things I DIY, rooms I design, things I think are funny, food I make, parties I plan, weddings I photograph, and photo shoots I have, and basically everything else in the world. That led me to start up another blog (I've had 2 before.) I figured since I have SO much to say and so many photos to show people this might be an even better way to annoy everyone :) You're welcome.

Here is my super cute husband, Kyle - He's my favorite person in the world.

We have 2 puppies, they are pretty awesome too. Paisley is black and Ellie is white. These are old photos of them, but they were SO cute. They are now 2 and 1 1/2...still cute but nothing is better than puppy faces!

We have a house and I love to decorate it. You'll see plenty of the house and backyard, etc. I hope you enjoy reading about my MANY projects!

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